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It’s been a really long, strange week.

  • My son has been in Decatur since last Saturday recording Andy Asteroids so I’ve been home alone.
  • I got stung by a wasp at the studio Sunday and had a pretty dramatic allergic reaction. Nothing life threatening, but my hand swelled so much I couldn’t pinch my index finger and thumb together. Benedryl did nothing but make me really sleepy. It is only now starting to look normal again.
  • As a result of my hand resembling a balloon animal I’ve not been to the studio all week and have instead worked and slept and stumbled around in a benedryl stupor with an ice pack on my hand.
  • Finished the week with a 15 hour work day, came home at midnight and finally watched Super thanks to Comcast On Demand. Nick Holmes, you were pretty fucking awesome and convincing as the virginal Jim.
  • Got to bed around 5 am this morning and slept pretty much all day, off and on. It’s been awhile since I’ve managed that. It leaves me with a really long to-do list for tomorrow yet here I sit wide awake creeping tumblr and Photoshopping pics of Nick Holmes in leather shorts.


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    I am confused. I thought he liked being the spanker, not the spankee.
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    Holy Eff Words. This must be my new desktop wallpaper.
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    Simply Gorgeous.
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